Authors to appear on Channel 14 on January 5, 2016

Co-Authors Vic Butsch and Tommy Coletti have been invited to appear on Channel 14. The Public Access Studios on West Town Street have asked them to participate in their new show, ‘What’s Your Gripe’. There is really no gripe and the authors look forward to discussing their book, ‘A Journey to the Gallows’. A historical fiction on the life and times of Lisbon born and Norwich raised Aaron Dwight Stevens.

Stevens made history in 1859 as the military trainer of John Brown’s Raiders who attacked the Harper’s Ferry Military Arsenal in the attempt to steal weapons for a slave revolt they had hoped would occur. The book details Stevens’s abolitionism, military experience in the Mexican War of 1846, as a Dragoon out west in the Southwest Territories, involvement in Bloody Kansas, his love of two women in his life and his association with the famous John Brown that was a major event that caused the American Civil War..

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