How I Fell In Love With the Civil War (Butsch)

When I Was Twelve Years Old My Parents Took Our Family Of Six On A Summer Vacation To Visit Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, And The Rest As They Say Is History.

I remember being extremely interested in everything that we saw and learned about on the trip. This history was so captivating to my young mind.

A few years later when I was in high school an outstanding history teacher reignited my passion and interest in U.S. history, specifically the Civil War. This teacher encouraged me to pursue my interest in the subject and helped me when I need it.

Around this time my beloved Aunt was doing research on the “Butsch” family history and came up with some findings that fascinated me. She discovered that my Great Grandfather, Peter Butsch, had been a sergeant who fought for the Union. He was in the 6th Indiana Light Artillery Regiment and unfortunately passed away, as so many did, due to disease following the Battle of Vicksburg. Now this subject that I had been so interested in, the Civil War, had a supremely personal connection to me. One of my family members had participated in it and ultimately passed away as a result. This fueled my interest on an even deeper level.

In college it seemed fairly logical that I should become a history major as I was already fairly knowledgeable about the subject and enjoyed learning even more. My goal had been to become a history teacher and coach at the high school level so that I too could translate my love for learning about past events to those growing up. However, I chose to follow a different path after college and began a wonderful 42-year career at Electric Boat in Submarine Construction. I have never given up my passion for history in all of those years.

Since graduating from college I have built a significant Civil War library in my home and have continued to learn all that I can about it. My desire to learn and teach about the Civil War has only continued to grow stronger, sparking my interest to write my own book on the subject so that I can share with others my fascination and knowledge. I think that it is important for everyone to learn about this period that had such a monumental impact on our country’s future.

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